PixelStyle 2.95

PixelStyle: Professional and Excellent Photo Graphic Design Software for Mac - Alternative to PhotoShop!

Powerful Mac Photo Editor & design software with a huge range of high-end filters: lighting, blue distortions, tilt-shift...

PixelStyle Photo Editor for Mac is an alternative app to PhotoShop. It is a full-featured and powerful graphic design software and image editor for Mac.

PixelStyle Photo Editor for Mac includes all the essential tools you need from a professional photography app. It is painstakingly engineered for professionals with mass intuitive tools: filters, layers, special effects, editing, retouching and photo enhancement. 100 brushes were built-in to offer unparalleled drawing experience for Mac. With the State-of-art image editing Technology and fast, precise working capability, PixelStyle has become an indispensable tool for all photo graphic designers on Mac. You can use PixelStyle Photo Editor for Mac to edit any images and photos or create beautiful painting.

Professional Image Processing for Mac



PixelStyle 2.95

User reviews about PixelStyle

  • Jorden Novaes

    by Jorden Novaes

    "Have all the essential functions"

    I have plentiful image editing apps on iPad and Mac, each serves for different purpose. Its neat UI, color adjust fun...   More.

  • Tim Forster

    by Tim Forster

    "Definitely good at this price"

    Useful tool with unique feature and fast processing speed, definitely good at this price..   More.

  • Jeremy Lawrence939332334

    by Jeremy Lawrence939332334

    "An incredible Photoshop-like App for mac"

    Just wanna say thank you to the developers of Pixelstyle. I'm a big fan of their drawing App, so I bought this one im...   More.